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Open Campus, a nonprofit newsroom focused on higher education, produces College Inside, a newsletter focused on the future of postsecondary education in prison. We publish a biweekly email and a monthly print PDF edition for inside distribution. You can get the email version in your inbox here (check your spam for a confirmation email if you don't see it right away), and you can sign up incarcerated friends and family members for an individual print subscription here at no cost. We also publish the PDFs on our website. If you are a prison educator or librarian, please reach out to talk about how you can share the newsletter with your students or patrons. 

College Inside will also soon be available on the Edovo app (on GTL and Securus tablets in some locations) as well as APDS (Orijin as of today). Incarcerated people will not be charged to access College Inside content. 

We are also working on a series of guides for incarcerated students focused on topics related to higher education, such as this FAQ on Pell Grants based on common questions we received from inside readers. We also collaborate with incarcerated writers and artists to publish first-person essays about prison education.