MIT: Writing the Code, Second Chance Hiring

MIT is holding an event to gather professors, students, policy makers, and members of the business community to discuss equitable hiring practices and the barriers that individuals from marginalized communities face in socioeconomic, professional arenas. This event is to discuss and improve public support for second chance hiring practices for formerly incarcerated individuals and will be featuring the story of Daniel Dart, MIT's first formerly incarcerated student at the Sloan School of Business. 

"MIT Sloan EMBA student, Daniel Dart, EMBA '24, is a leader in Second Chance Hiring and is justice-impacted. We plan to highlight his experience while amplifying the issues related to fair chance hiring and how that impacts our community of industry and academic professionals."

If you're in the Boston area (or even if you're not and want to take a field trip!) this event should be a milestone for the inclusion of formerly incarcerated people in efforts to expand equitable access to opportunity.

Writing the Code: Second Chance Hiring | MIT Sloan




Might lead someone to consider the intersection of technology and social responsibility. They might think about MIT's initiative in fostering opportunities for individuals through coding promoting diversity, inclusion, and providing second chances in employment.