Prison Education Faculty Recruitment Toolkit and Training Resource

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This toolkit from the State University of New York (SUNY) Higher Education for the Justice-Involved (HEJI) program serves as a guide for administrators in recruiting and training staff for their prison education programs. 

The first goal of this document is to help guide programs through developing, hiring, and training practices that can support quality programming inside the correctional facility. The second goal is to generate a larger conversation about what programs consider to be best practices and how hiring, training, and supporting faculty contribute to the overall goals of building and maintaining quality college-in-prison programming. 

To that end, Part I of this toolkit is designed for program administrators who are developing or overseeing hiring for their college-in-prison program. It outlines the role of the professor in prison settings and identifies the qualities to look for in candidates applying to teach in prison. 

Part II, which was created for both faculty and program administrators, speaks to training for faculty once they’ve been hired and ongoing professional development. It offers a set of best practices for faculty who are considering teaching in prison.  These materials are created with the acknowledgment that programs need to develop their own unique processes and practices conducive to their campus settings and capacities, and thus there should be expected variation.