Educational Justice: Maine State Prison's Cohort of MIT Computer Tech courses

I am so proud of the men at Maine State Prison for completing and sustaining this computer technology program! This is exactly the type of programming and equality that prison education needs to normalize to offer incarcerated students tech savvy, marketable skills and to give equity to tech spaces for incarcerated people.

The Educational Justice Institute and RAISE at MIT have been faithfully offering web design, computer programming, and app invention classes for years, not only in Maine, but to mixed cohorts in facilities from various states.

In addition to the MIT App Inventor class, there have been several sessions of the BRAVE Behind Bars web-design and coding course for Women at Maine Correctional Center and the Southern Maine Women's Reentry Center, and Python coding courses, all of which are conducted by MIT graduate students in concert with The Educational Justice Institute.

Mind, Hand, and Heart: MIT at Its Very Best

MIT App Inventor and MIT RAISE's Maine State Prison Education Program