Alliance for Higher Education in Prison x Colby College Justice Think Tank

In 2023, the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison supported the Colby College Justice Think Tank, which brought together 12 remarkable scholars from all five Maine prisons to explore restorative justice alternatives. Their research, aimed at reforming Maine's legal system for emerging adults, has culminated in impactful policy papers and public presentations. Dive into the minds of these brilliant scholars and explore the pathways they've proposed for a more restorative future. 


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Comment by Leo Hylton on April 13, 2024

Working as part of the Justice Think Tank was a truly remarkable experience, and I'm hopeful that these policy position papers will have a positive impact on the landscape of Maine's criminal legal system. We were able to interview State Representatives, District Attorneys, and Restorative Justice practitioners from across the state. We were even able to engage with Stephan Thomas of Common Justice--an AMAZING restorative justice organization based in New York. Check them out here: