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State Softball with Harper

Welcome to the HEP TA Intermediaries Group on RCHEP!

It was a pleasure to see many of you at NCHEP and we are excited to have you as part of this Intermediaries Group! If you are receiving this message you have been added to the group and can post and reply to discussions as well as add resources and imbed links to posts.

Our intention is to use this group as a virtual meeting space where we can conduct asynchronous discussions, request feedback, receive and respond to questions, and brainstorm new ideas. Stay tuned for follow-up from our NCHEP meeting. We invite you to add a post introducing yourself and your work or following up on something interesting you saw at NCHEP.

If you have not done so already, please visit the site to change your password (login with your first initial, last name as your username, and Password@1234 as the password) in order to complete or update your profile. Please also feel free to add a general post to the RCHEP main page if you are so inclined! 

Thanks as always for all that you do and for your continuing commitment to improving the field of Higher Ed in Prison.


Share Your Experience Hiring Staff with Lived Experience

Our team in JFF's Center for Justice & Economic Advancement is reaching out to ask our partners in the field for support in compiling critical information on hiring practices, and specifically on whether your program or higher education institution has been successful in hiring previously incarcerated or currently incarcerated individuals. 

By way of this short survey, we are hoping to learn which higher education partners in the field have engaged in hiring people with lived experience, which/how many of these hires were alumni of HEP programs, and what roles they were hired for and/or promoted into during their time at that institution.  

Even at institutions where no such hiring has taken place yet, we strongly encourage folks to take a moment to submit the survey, as we are also hoping to better understand and catalogue the specific barriers that might be getting in the way of hiring people with lived experience. 

We know that folks working in this field are already overtaxed. THANK YOU for any time you can give to helping us to gather this preliminary data, which will inform the development of new resources for the field. For questions or additional information, please email