Connecticut is Coming UP

Hey, Everybody!

I want to take this week's post as an opportunity to uplift my girl, Brittany LaMarr! Brittany is a formerly incarcerated prison education advocate, works with the National Prison Debate League (and was instrumental in making arrangements for the establishment and launch of the MCC Women's Debate team, along with NPDL Director Daniel Throop).

It has been my pleasure to have been a co-speaker with Brittany to discuss our support for the New England Board of Higher Education's Commission on the Future of Education in Prison's report recommendations to improve educational systems and access in prisons.

I've left links below for the plight in Connecticut and the NEBHI report, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out!




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Thank you very much for uplifting this work and the incredible Brittany LaMarr! It was truly a gift to work with her and Daniel at the NPDL for the debate last year held at Maine State Prison on ending Life Without Parole sentences in the U.S.